Robin Arnaud

Hello everyone from “Referee Mindset”, I’m 18 and I’m a french young referee officiating in National Championship  I love what I do every weekend, refereeing is not only something I love to do, it’s much better: it’s my passion. I just would like to improve, every game, every night, to become much better, and achieve maybe...

Selcan Rowles

I have been following your work for a little while and having worked with you almost the whole season, last year on this date I applied for the highest officiating award in the UK. Referee Mindset has helped not only to find the courage but also has been an indispensable tool to acquire...

Marli Kasemi

The course was good, I really enjoyed it and some of the exercises are now part of my practice before the game and during the season. It would be a great step ahead if you will provide us as referees new studies for the psychological preparation.

Luigi Lamonica

[…] and I thought on you and your website as I think it is one of the most followed and appreciated web site in referee world.

Joshua Holtermann

2 weeks ago I visited a Workshop about mental preparation, by this the Speaker had some quotations from your articles and so I looked at your Website and found it very interesting.  I have summarised in german some articles of your blog.

Larry Krause

Peter, this is outstanding. […] Excellent Page! Larry

Simas Baranauskas

I have been part of the psychology course organised by Peter and it has been a great help. The course material is really good and the best thing from the course was communication with Peter himself. He helped to to prepare myself for a few important games and I feel...

Ken Graham

I have been an observer of Referee Mindset for several years now and have found the resources to be extremely beneficial.  I read all of the blogs and ensure I keep on top of the new information / posts that appear from time to time.  I have personally spoken to...

Elvis Čoders

Hi Peter, I signed up for the online course. I can’t even put in words how thankful I am and how much I appreciate what you are doing for me. Much respect for what you have achieved so far – you are a great mentor and example for me! Thank YOU!...

Daniel Munteanu

Hi Peter, Many thanks for your very interesting stuffs. I am Daniel Munteanu from Romania, ex FIFA assistant referee. Please allow me to translate and to post on my website some articles from your blog. (of course, I will indicate the source). Best wishes, Daniel Munteanu