Selcan Rowles

I have been following your work for a little while and having worked with you almost the whole season, last year on this date I applied for the highest officiating award in the UK. Referee Mindset has helped not only to find the courage but also has been an indispensable tool to acquire the skills necessary to analyse, challenge, ask, and reflect which were primary in successfully gaining this award. With the help of the visualisation exercises and anchor points Referee Mindset Online Course fueled my thirst for knowledge by learning from the process and continuing to develop as a strong referee.

Your willingness to listen and to understand gave me a great model of empathy to inherit from when it came to working with a variety of personalities both on and off the court, as well as the ability to stay positive and assertive which were vital to the game management skills that will be my focus for the coming seasons too.

Yet, my journey is not complete as I continue to pursue my aspirations and learn from experience, there will be still a lot to resolve in possible conflict situations in future games. But now, I want to thank to you and to your course; I believe no physical preparation can beat the advancement that your mentoring could provide mentally. Working with you was a great pleasure and thanks for putting me on the right track for a good start.

Thank you,