Robin Arnaud

Hello everyone from “Referee Mindset”,

I’m 18 and I’m a french young referee officiating in National Championship […]
I love what I do every weekend, refereeing is not only something I love to do, it’s much better: it’s my passion.
I just would like to improve, every 
game, every night, to become much better, and achieve maybe one day, my goal, become a Euroleague referee.

And by my words, […] I just would like to thank all the people behind this impressive work, to make referees improve from every part of Europe, and I think, even beyond.

I’m a huge fan of your work, I just keep moving forward with some French professional referees that I know, and also, with your website, that keeps me going in the good direction.

My message is not, by the way, something to ask you. But just a message to give each and everyone behind this website, a huge THANK YOU.

Keep making EVERY referee better.

Yours sincerely,

a passionate French referee