Bas du Pré

I had a mental breakdown in one of my games. At halftime, I walked to the changing room when I remembered one of the articles on this site. I couldn’t remember exactly, but I remembered enough of the tricks to calm down, clear my mind, and get back ‘in the zone’ before the game resumed. The third and last quarter of the game, I was able to referee the game like if nothing has happened.

After the game, I saw my supervisor was sitting in the audience. I quickly walked up to him to ask him how much of the game he saw. He saw everything. We discussed all aspects of the game, but one thing he said stood out: getting back into the game the way I did, required talent and a lot of mental self-control.

I want to forward the compliments to you. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into this site! I’m certain that it will speed up my development greatly. Besides the fact that I enjoy reading every article, I think the knowledge I learn from you will make me a better referee than I could ever be on my own. So thanks you for everything!