Bartek Żółtowski

Hello Peter,

my name is Bartek. I am 23 years old( I still consider myself young:) ) referee from Poland. I recently read your book – The Essentail Referee Mindset. I would like to thank you for writing it and sharing.
I referee only for 3 years and I was always nervous about my performance on the court. I always thought that I can’t handle important games, that I will ruin them with my whistle. But this season I tried to belive in myself and it gave effects. I read your book and some of the ideas helped me to improve my performance as a referee. I am just starting with implemeting those thoughts to the real world but I hope that step by step I will become better referee and I would be able to set and reach
new goals 🙂

Hope to hear from you
Bartek Zoltowski