Referee Mentor: How To Speed Up The Learning Curve

One of our dear young readers is a blogger, so I asked him to write a guest post on Referee Mindset about his experience. He wanted to stay anonymous, though.

I think you will also find it inspirational.

Peter “encourage you to write” Papp

I’m a young referee and I have been blowing the whistle for a few years now. I am eager to improve and reach my full potential. I come from a country where basketball is a major sport and I spent the majority of my refereeing career in a country where it is minor.

That gave me a push to do everything I can to be better. One of the things I decided will help me get better was Referee Mindset Online Course. It had a big impact on my refereeing.

Having the course lessons every week was like having a clever guy next to you when you needed him.

Dreaming about The Big Game

Peter has helped me a lot with my psychological challenges in refereeing with one-on-one sessions. I think having a mentor helps open up not only for the mentor but also for yourself. Constant reflection following that is like seeds of the improvement.

I was able to overcome one of my main problem: focusing on the next appointment. I used to relate a sense of accomplishment with a big game or a final.

Couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that

I could shift my focus to the importance of learning something new each game.

Take your time

The big games will come when the right time comes. I thought it was a cliche because I wanted everything right here and right now. But I got one of those moments of actually understand what he meant.

After I‘ve been focusing on my development I felt that I was enjoying officiating much more.

And then the right time came and I got the cup final. Everybody wants those games, right? And when you learn a lot and get a big game, it‘s an amazing bonus.

Not the main goal but a bonus.

I have started preparation for that game two weeks in advance because I wanted to show that people who appointed me to that game trusted me for the right reason. I have made a plan on how to prepare and performed well in the game.

Depend only on yourself

I felt that I needed Peter for every game now. Once I get a game, I would call my mentor asking for his advice on every small problem I have. That way I started becoming very dependent on the other person rather than myself.

Fortunately, he told me straight away, and I understood, that he gave me the tools and I am ready to use it myself. The mentor that teaches you how to solve the problem rather than showing it to you is a clever and good mentor.

That is the moment when you need to realise that a mentor can show you the path, give you the tools, and you’re the one who can build it all for yourself.

I would really recommend asking experienced referees for an advice, listen, implement it to your personality and style and reflect on it so you can learn.

If you are a young referee and you want results fast, consider having the word of someone who walked the path. That will give you instant results and speed up the process.

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Peter Papp is an enthusiastic supporter of open-minded referees, international basketball referee (FIBA) and NLP Master Practitioner. Peter is the founder of


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