The Most Important Ingredient of Great Teamwork

For an enjoyable game, they need good officiating. And for good officiating, you need great teamwork.

You can be the best referee in the world. Without good team dynamics, your game will suffer.

I’ve been there many times. I didn’t notice anything wrong. I was even happy convincing myself about how good my calls had been on the game. Now I know that only my performance is not the ultimate key.

Only the TEAM matters!

What makes a team work?

Think about your last game when the team was in perfect sync. Your colleagues knew that you would make the call on your area when it’s necessary and you knew that they will only help you out when it’s really desirable.

When you needed it, they did help you out and you were grateful for the help instead of being pissed off.

Other times you may have been jealous. You may have felt the sorrow of having a game saver called in front of you. You may also have cross-called a lot in your colleagues’ area, even if the call was marginal and not important.


Because you didn’t TRUST each other!

It’s just as simple as that. You have to trust each other within the team to foster collaboration on the court.

If you don’t trust them, your subconscious will find creative ways to show your doubt in their abilities. And when you trust them, they will feel it and act on it.

And when you trust them, they will feel it and act on it.

A lot of conflicts are involved in every game. Why put more stress on the court when it’s not necessary. With trust binding your team, you will have much less weight on your shoulders.

Do you remember the last game you felt nervous because a big name (instructor, commissioner, etc.) watched your game? Maybe you couldn’t do your best.

Maybe you never can do your best when some guy is watching you.

Do you know why? Maybe you have guessed already.

Because you feel he doesn’t trust you!

It works the same way with your colleagues. If you don’t trust them, their performance will suffer. Even if you need to ring the bell to wake them up sometimes, you should never have them feel you don’t trust them.


Always show your trust while you redirect their behaviour. Tell them you know they are better than the behavior they chose for that game.

How to build trust?

The beauty of giving trust is that you get it back almost instantly. You want to tell them you trust them, but really mean it!

Start by collect evidence why you can trust them. Even a small agreement is enough to feel that you are similar. Notice things you can agree with.

Similarity is the foundation of rapport, and rapport is the catalysator of trust.

You can read more on how to build rapport here.

Look for similarities, communicate, and show appreciation. This means you trust them, and you will get their trust in exchange.

This is the best value one can get for good teamwork… to make the dream work!

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