Heart Warming Story for Your Inspiration

I’ve just bumped into a post on Facebook. The story touched my heart. The conclusion is so true, I couldn’t say it better, so enjoy her word unchanged.

“From heaven to hell in a snap of the fingers: 

I dedicate the following lines to the ones that supported me and the ones who, after knowing what I was going through, lost 5 seconds of their lives to support me and cheer me up.

In one moment everything was ok and going perfectly. In a good way to achieve the biggest goal for the season, that would be the Eurobasket Women. After an injury on the 27th November and one month and a half recovery, finally back to the court early January.

Everything was going just fine, I was feeling good and, most of all, I didn’t even remember about my knee. Good sign.

Then it comes the camp in Turkey, the decisive moment to get the chance of being selected for the Eurobasket Women to be held in the next summer.

And at the 5th day of competition…1st February…the biggest fall: the knee succumbs … and the season in FIBA ends there for me. A nightmare….

Although I’ve received immediately all the support and warmth, nothing could change the consequence of my injury: unknown time for recovery, unknown need for surgery, unknown period to come back to the court. But 2 big certainties: the end of the Eurobasket dream and the end of the season in FIBA…see you in September…

See you in September? Or maybe not…By an unfortunate coincidence, the moment of the injury couldn’t be more inappropriate: the time for the change in FIBA licensing system. Scenario: either I would recovery from the injury and complete the fitness test until the end of March or…I would lose the license…

Suffocation…in one moment, the dream of going to Eurobasket, a great season…in a snap of the fingers, the season is over and I am at risk to lose my license.

Life is not always fair. But I have 2 big certainties: 1) if we lose time and energy to think how unlucky we are and how much life can be unfair, we miss the energy to react to adversity; 2) for sure, health is above everything else and nothing can be more important.

It was more than 1 month stop, with great loss of muscles and physical capacity. But, fortunately, I was in the hands of excellent health professionals, doctors and physiotherapists, both in Turkey and in Portugal, to whom I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Together with my strong will, the support from family, true friends and a group of good colleagues, it was possible to achieve what seemed impossible in only 23 days, 11 sessions of physiotherapy, 11 cardio practices, 2 hours per day, 6 times per week: test is done. The license…the day that I lose it, is not going to be for something that is in my hands. I am here to last. And when I recover 100%, I will come back stronger than ever.

My friends told me I am a warrior. I feel that I am. Is true that there are more important things in life.

But if we get involved in something, is better that we put our heart and soul on it…otherwise, it is not worth it!”

Keep going, Sónia! ?

Source: facebook, Sónia Teixeira

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Peter Papp is an enthusiastic supporter of open-minded referees, international basketball referee (FIBA) and NLP Master Practitioner. Peter is the founder of RefereeMindset.com.


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