How To Get Results

I know, this is a provocative statement: I’m about to show you how we function. To be more exact, I’m about show the process on how we make decisions, start something, give up something, be kind to anyone, or become a great referee.

And basically everything else!

OK, it’s a simple theory, not that much of a science. But you will see how being conscious about it makes the world easier to understand. Your success will skyrocket if you really adopt this concept to your everyday life.

Let’s start with an example. Have you ever heard that “only the people who played the game will be great referees?” I’ve heard it a lot, and there is some truth in it, but the “only” word is a generalisation that distorts the meaning of the sentence. And it is strong, unfortunately, enough to discourage you from developing as a referee if you were not a great player.

I know a couple of great referees in Hungary and in Europe who maybe couldn’t catch the ball if thrown at them, still, they are exceptional referees. Why?

Because they did a lot of work!

They did, believe me, for sure. But working hard for years to meet a goal is very difficult. It’s not a matter of hours or days, but YEARS of hard work. Even on the days when you don’t want to put in the extra mile. They need some mindset to do it!

If they believed the statement above, they would have never achieved to be great refs.

Another example is the 1 mile run. Before 1954, people thought it would be impossible to run a mile within 4 minutes, but when Roger Bannister did break the record, the barrier was smashed into pieces. Another fellow completed the mile within four six weeks after Bannister, and another three runners did the same within one year. Today it is the standard for any male middle distance runner.

As part of his training, he relentlessly visualized the achievement in order to create a sense of certainty in his mind and body.

Beliefs play a crucial role in our lives

Beliefs that take their front seat in our minds while we have learnt from people like our parents, peers, or older referees. I think even a lot of extremely smart people plant negative or limiting beliefs in our minds. Not on purpose, of course.

But we don’t have to believe them.

And the reason…

Our results depend solely on our actions. And our actions depend only on our thoughts.

This is like the law of attraction. Just think about why you do anything in your life. Really think about it. You can say because of some external reason, but it’s processed by your brain, isn’t it? Your brain decides what action to take.

The reason I didn’t start this website much sooner is the fear being wrong. I was afraid of what other people would say about my work. So, I didn’t take action. When I won against that thought, I took action, and the website was born. It is only in my head.

Your thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies. Whatever you think, you will be right!

Control your thoughts

Buddha said, “what you think you become”. But not only because of some cloudy idea about the law of attraction, but through your actions that are directly connected to your thoughts.

A really bright life coach, Anthony Robbins once said about the key to being successful:

If you want success, you need to know your desired outcome. You need to know why you want to make it. Then you take massive action, notice your results and change your approach until you get the results you want.

Sounds very easy. The question is always the how and the hardest part is to take continuous and massive action.

I will show you my way soon…


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Peter Papp is an enthusiastic supporter of open-minded referees, international basketball referee (FIBA) and NLP Master Practitioner. Peter is the founder of


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