Frequently Asked Questions

…instead, it is for officials who strive for better performance, valuable feedback, and learning.

There are some questions that are keep coming back to me concerning the site. I’ll answer them below.

If you want to ask a question, first check if it is already answered, then drop me a mail. I love interaction!

Why should I read this blog?

I think referee education raises a lot of expectations (be confident, focus, motivate yourself, be fit, etc.), and contain very little on the HOW.

As I feel, refs don’t ask themselves the how-question. They ask why instead which makes them confused, stressful and pushes them further from their goals.

This site is on the how. It shows the path that you can walk to make your dreams come true.

What makes you an authority in this field?

I am a referee for enough time to know the basic problems of fellow referees. I have also drilled down into my mind deep enough to solve a lot of them by Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am a licensed master practitioner that makes me entitled to practice and teach the methods that has helped thousands of people change.

Nobody ever tried to mix these two fields on the web. This is revolutionary.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

To make it short, NLP is a set of tools and techniques that help you master your subconscious, helping you to be more conscious with your life.

Our subconscious runs a special operating system that was written by our parents, friends and mates as we grew up. Despite of their unquestionable goodwill, there are some flaws in our operating systems. They are easy to be seen. I bet there are a lot of things that you know how you should do something, still, you don’t do it.

With the help of NLP, this site can help you correct these mistakes and refresh your operating system. It is the science of excellence.

Is it scientology?

No. Though, there may be some similarities, since it is also a self development tool. NLP is a scientific method on how to influence your own subconscious. It can be used destructively as well, but this page is about development and sharing the wisdom. I will offer some products, but definitely not with price tags shoot up in the stratosphere.

On the other hand, I share a lot of stuff for free.

Why do you share all this knowledge? If you keep it, you could be ahead of others?

I believe that sharing everything I know and experienced not only benefits the public. It helps me organize my thoughts and ideas. On the other side, everybody wins with better referees. I do love sports. Any kind of them. Referees are hated, but people agree that they are necessary and have a huge impact on how spectators feel when entertained on a sports event. Better referees equal better experience for all of us.

Sharing the knowledge serves me as well.

You are a basketball referee. Why do you think you can help others sports’ officials?

In my opinion, there are common problems in refereeing any sport. Refs need better focus, excellent communication, conflict management, game management and many more that are the same across almost all of the sports.

Although, I write many times about basketball, since I know it best. Feel free to translate the findings to your area.

Is it only for referees? Can athletes use the techniques you use?

Sure! I’d like to see athletes use this stuff as well, and I think there are way more resources for them, than for referees.

I got a lot of feedback from non-referees. Many people say that these topics can be of interest for them. Especially, if we think about the core concept: we bring real life resources to the court. That works the other way round as well.

What is this uncopyright thing? How do you benefit from this website?

Copyrights are extremely difficult to manage. I want to focus on the content 100%. On the other hand, my goal is to share the knowledge, and when people use the resources from this site, I reach my goal. That’s all that matters.

I have other sources of income, so I’m not dependent on the site. However, I will publish books and courses that are more valuable for you. Feel free to check back regularly.

Will you really write about your failures?

Yes. I’m not perfect. And I think, failure is just a feedback that something should be changed. Therefore, I believe my failures and how I deal with them is beneficial to my friends, who read this blog.

I want you to give a lecture on our referees clinic. How is it possible?

Shoot me a mail with your request please.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching? How does it work?

I do. If you want a special one-on-one session, just let me know. We can schedule a free consultation to figure out how I can help you.

What are your plans for the future?

I love sports and officiating. I want to do the same thing I do now. Gain knowledge, develop my skills and share the know-how with you.

Do you have a question? Drop me a mail or use the form below.