We Create Our Limitations so We Can Change Them

Michael Jordan quoteWe create burdens and limitations on ourselves. Just think about your self-talk, when you curse yourself because of a mistake on the court. Believe me; there is nothing more destructing than negative self suggestions.

Set yourself free. Unchaining your heart and soul is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. The big question is, as always; how?

There are a couple of ways. I will let you know in a minute, but first, let me clarify what I’m talking about.

When I started to referee, I always dreamed of blowing the whistle on the final of the Olympic Games. Maybe I’m not alone with that, maybe there are thousands or even millions out there, but for sure; only a few can make it.

On the road ahead, I bumped into some serious distractions. Whispers and disappointing examples made me think I’m not able to fulfill my dreams. The thoughts about my chances applied brute force on my motivation. I started to find it somewhere else, and even stopped officiating for a while. Then I found myself again, on the comeback, and I made a lot of my limiting beliefs disappear.

They keep me away from doing what I love, and to be better in it every day!

Recognize your limitations

The first step is to raise your unconscious limiting beliefs to the conscious level and accept that they may be wrong.

You need to know; successful people consider themselves capable of achieving their goals. That’s part of the foundation.

Try and say out loud these three questions.

  1. The <<your goal>> as my goal is possible.
  2. I can achieve <<your goal>>.
  3. The <<your goal>> as my goal is part of my identity, and I deserve it.

Really, say it out loud, and notice how it sounds and how you feel when saying them.

If you like it this way, you cannot live your dreams when you don’t believe you deserve them.

Confusing thoughts and limiting beliefs come from how we talk to ourselves. If I could make only one suggestion, it would be to discipline your self-talk. NLP can help you do that.

For now, learn that you can limit yourself and watch out for traces in your everyday life. Watch yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, and catch those negative beliefs before they flood your mind completely. Take control!

Accept that you have limiting thoughts, and that’s fine

After you caught those limiting bullshit, the worst thing you can do is to be angry with your parents and peers (including your limiting self) because the way they talked to you. It creates nothing but more boundaries and agony.

Instead, be grateful for finding them, and move on. Accept the situation and learn how to change it. Change can be easy and fun with an open mind.

Change your limitations

There will be a whole week dealing with limiting beliefs in our upcoming course, and here are some easy steps to turn limiting beliefs into empowering.

The main ideas behind the exercises of curing limiting beliefs.

  1. Watch yourself regularly and recognize any limitations you may have. Meditation definitely will help.
  2. Adjust your self-talk to positive whenever something makes you feel you can’t do it. Question yourself what are the benefits of the unfavorable experience and how you can change, instead of why those negative things happen to you.
  3. Make a profound impact on your nervous system. Visualize yourself reaching the goal and see yourself, enjoying the road ahead. As detailed as possible. Hear those voices in your head, and feel what you will feel.
  4. Replace the limitations with empowering beliefs. Make up the opposite statement of your negative whispers, and consider that they may also be true.
  5. Be open minded. People tend to collect evidence that back their beliefs. Be open for different perspectives, and accept that anything is possible.


For example, consider the following belief:

“People die from cancer.”

“Is it 100% percent true? Wait a minute. There are a lot of people coming back and live normal life after finishing off cancer.”


“Maybe nobody survived cancer so far, but I will show how it’s done!” (This one needs slightly more confidence.)


If it empowers you, say it and mean it! If it limits you, look at the flip side, stop and think about it. Give it a chance. You must be stronger and smarter than the average people, since You are a Referee.

If you want to learn more about how to kill those limiting beliefs, the upcoming course will help you deal with them once and for all.


Raise your hand if you are interested.


It’s your turn

Was there anything you thought wasn’t possible, and all of a sudden, it came out achievable? How do you deal with your limiting beliefs?

Feel free to leave your comment below.

About Peter

Peter Papp is an enthusiastic supporter of open-minded referees, international basketball referee (FIBA) and NLP Master Practitioner. Peter is the founder of RefereeMindset.com.


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