About us

Our mission is to help referees develop skills to be the best they can be!

Referee Mindset is here since August 2013 to help you master your mind, control yourself and your game.

Live What You Love - Peter Papp

My name is Peter Papp. I got involved with self-development to become a better trader and started to use the concepts in officiating back in 2011. Since then, I continuously experiment and develop methods and techniques to excel blowing the whistle.

Two very talented Hungarian basketball referees, Peter Praksch and David Szőts are also here to provide interesting content on the site and on our Facebook page. Take a look and hit like to get all the updates.

We are also fortunate to welcome many guest writers. If you want to publish something on the site, feel free to contact us.

We are far from being perfect. Applying the knowledge is way more difficult than knowing what to do, but we make mistakes with joy. We know, we are stronger with each step, so you will read about failures as well.

Why you should read this blog

We believe you have heard many times that you must be confident, intelligent, expect the unexpected, resolve conflicts, communicate well and let the music play on the court, but there is little said about how we should do all these things.

Our goal is to fill this gap and give you useful methods to gain an edge on the court. We talk about the HOW.

We offer how-to blog posts on referee mentality. From fundamental confidence, concentration to social intelligence and communication techniques. You will find courses you cannot see anywhere else.

We prefer simple things. We concentrate on the best content you can find about the mental aspects of officiating.

You will be learning how to:

  • set goals and achieve your dreams
  • motivate yourself even during difficult times
  • create focused motivation for the game
  • handle stress effectively
  • deal with your limiting beliefs
  • build good habits that last
  • handle failures
  • learn fast
  • and much more… simply to be the best you can be


Your key benefits:

  • make friends
  • mindfulness, awareness
  • learn valuable lessons
  • find new perspectives
  • exchange ideas
  • and take control… first on yourself, then on the court


Being an exceptional referee is an art, so there is little or no universal truth. Therefore, please, don’t believe in anything we say or write. Try it for yourself! Take what works and throw away that doesn’t.

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Lucky whistle!