5 Reasons to Go to a Referee Camp

After the season finishes, I usually have a small break both mentally and physically. I try to stay away for a while to recharge my batteries after the long series of games.

But then, I think the best thing I can do is to go to a summer camp! I am lucky since I go to even 2 summer tournaments where we get a lot of instructions, still, I also try to fit another camp in my schedule.

Why do I think it’s good to go to a camp? Here are my 5 best reasons.


Officiating, like any sports, is a highly competitive and changing area, where new perspectives and new trends arise from time to time. If you want to keep on improving to become a top referee, you want to know these new trends on time, so you can be an early adopter. Also, you can help others by telling them about these new directions.


Usually, there are a lot of like-minded people who gather in a camp. Maybe you will become international referees together, or you will just meet some day. Either way, you will benefit from having good memories together already. You can also learn how to socialise in these events, so you can develop yourself in this area that is crucial if you want to become a top referee some day, or just want to stay on the top.


If you go to a camp, where prominent leaders of the officiating world can see you, you can harvest the greatest benefits one can get from a summer camp. Important people can meet you and see how you officiate. You have the chance to introduce yourself. It will count when it’s the most important.


You can go to a nice place, visit nice gyms, drink coffee in the morning sun with smiling faces in a new country. It is a vacation with a great benefit: you will be a better referee at the same time.


Sometimes it’s not easy to see ourselves as we really are, and if you are an open person, you always look for valuable feedback from people you can trust. You can build upon these words later, and you can make a giant step towards being a top referee in each summer camp.

Big names from the referee world will give you feedback about every minute of your officiating by studying the tape together, which is invaluable for every referee who wants to improve.

You can only win if you go, and you definitely lose a lot of opportunities if you miss out!

If you are a basketball referee in and consider going to a camp, I would recommend that you should take this summer camp. Referees come here from all over the world every year for 11 years.

Check it out!

If you have some experience about this camp, feel free to share it in the comments.

About Peter

Peter Papp is an enthusiastic supporter of open-minded referees, international basketball referee (FIBA) and NLP Master Practitioner. Peter is the founder of RefereeMindset.com.

  • Ewa

    In my opinion referee.pl camp is one of the best camp in Europe. During 11 years, the organizers made a very good job for referees from all over the world. The level of games and instructors is realy high. Every year, during the few days of camp, referees have oportunity to prepare for the new seazon and work hard to become better. They get a huge peace of knowleage about the mechanic, rules, game management, game psyhology, fitness, etc. It is also good oportunity to meet new friends from other countries. The frienship that began at the summer camp can survive years.
    Moreover, the chance to meet and learn from the best referees, commisioneirs and instructors from Europe and the World, makes that many of us become better as a human not only a referee.
    I recommend everyone referee.pl camp 🙂

  • Jacek

    Over last 2 years I’ve been a Camp participant and this year will be no
    different. Previously I left satisfied, enriched with new knowledge and
    friends. Camp allows you to expand your knowledge about the refereeing
    and can gain valuable experience in the field. The main subject matter
    is touching aspects strictly related with refereeing – mechanics, the
    rules, but also teamwork and practical advice on improving your physical
    fitness (warming up before the game, etc.). Instructors, who share their experience, are European and World experts. Participation in the
    camp is a great experience for people who want to learn and develop
    their skills.


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